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This year (2017) the Garland Ceremony will take place on Monday, 29th May.

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Past Kings and Consorts

Here is a list of the people who have held the positions of King and Consort over the past years. This information has been carefully compiled from; the old Garland minute books, Addy. S. O. 1901 Garland Day at Castleton Folk-lore Vol 12 pages 394-430, The British Newspaper Archive, School Log books,  and local knowledge, by Kay Harrison.

Year King Consort
2016 Jon Haddock Vicky Turner
2015 Jon Haddock Vicky Turner
2012-2014 Jon Haddock Kay Harrison
2009-2011 Jon Haddock Tess Buckley
2005-2008 Jon Haddock Jess Outram
2004 Jon Haddock Jane Eyre
2001-2003 Peter Outram Jane Eyre
1995-2000 Peter Outram Paula Thorpe
1988-1994 Peter Outram Julie Abbott
1986-1987 Peter Outram Susan Melody
1984-1985 Gerald Melody Susan Melody
1980-1983 Gerald Melody Debbie Taylor
1979 John Hall Jean Abbott
1974-1978 John Hall Nutty Hill
1968-1973 John Hall Jean Abbott
1962-1967 Gerald Melody Jean Abbott
1956-1961 Bill Ford Jean Abbott
1943-1955 Bill Ford Tommy Liversage
1942 Bill Ford* Tommy Liversage
1941 James Hicks Tommy Liversage
1940 John or Henry Potter* Tommy Liversage
1939 Henry Potter Tommy Liversage
1933-1938 John Potter Tommy Liversage
1932 John Potter* Tommy Liversage*
1930-1931 John Potter Tommy Liversage
1929 Teddy Benson Tommy Liversage
1928 Teddy Benson* Tommy Liversage*
1927 Teddy Benson Harry Younge
1924-1926 Teddy Benson* Harry Younge*
1923 Teddy Benson Harry Younge
1922 Teddy Benson* Harry Younge*
1920-1921 Teddy Benson Harry Younge
1919 Isaac Eyre Isaac Hall
1918 Unknown* Unknown*
1917 Unknown* Unknown*
1916 No Garland this year (no school holiday given)
1915 Isaac Eyre Alfred Potter
1914 Teddy Benson Sam How
1913 Thomas Hall* Sam How*
1910-1912 Thomas Hall Douglas Lomas
1909 Thomas Hall* Douglas Lomas*
1906-1908 Thomas Hall Arthur Whittingham
1905 Thomas Hall* Arthur Whittingham*
1904 Thomas Hall Arthur Whittingham
1902-1903 Thomas Hall* Arthur Whittingham*
1900-1901 Thomas Hall Arthur Whittingham
1896-1899 Thomas Hall* Arthur Whittingham*
1895 Thomas Hall* ???? Whittingham*
1893-1894 Thomas Hall* ?Bill Eyre*
1892 Mr T Barber Mr R Brady
1883-1891 Thomas Hall* ?Bill Eyre*
1879-1882 Thomas Hall* James Marr Deakin*
1878 Thomas Hall* James Marr Deakin*
1871-1877 Thomas Hall* James Marr Deakin*
1855-1870 George Watt* James Marr Deakin*

Current Consort

Current King


*Please note*

Entries in bold* have been presumed from later/other entries and may prove inaccurate with further research. We will update the article when further information comes to light. If you have any literary evidence to help in this search, please let us know.